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JewishGen's Hungarian Special Interest Group (H-SIG) is for those with Jewish roots in the area known as "Greater Hungary" or pre-Trianon Hungary and covers all those areas that were once predominantly Hungarian-speaking. This includes all of present-day Hungary and Slovakia and territory now within Romania, the Ukraine, Austria (including present-day Burgenland), Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia.


Eliyahu Reisman with Rabbi Mendel Teichman

    Eliyahu Reisman (left), a former resident of Ungvar (now Uzhorod, Ukraine), is the son of Emanuel Reisman, who maintained the Ungvar pinkas (register of burials in the Jewish cemetery) until he was deported in April, 1944. Eliyahu Reisman brought the pinkas with him when he emigrated to Israel. To his right is Rabbi Mendel Teichman, the rabbi for all of west Ukraine, including Uzhorod. JewishGen volunteers have transcribed the burial records to include in the JewishGen On-line Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) database

  • Bobby Furst has presented a digital copy of the burial book for Michalovce, Slovakia, to the H-SIG. Burials range from the 19th century until the late 20th century. If interested in helping to transliterate the book for the JewishGen On-line Worldwide Burial Registry, please contact Vivian Kahn

The JewishGen Hungary database at covers al ofl pre-Trianon Hungary. Two other Special Interest Groups (SIGs) also have information on areas that were formerly part of Hungary. The Sub-Carpathia SIG also covers parts of the pre-World War I counties of Bereg, Maramaros, Ugocsa, and Ung now in Ukraine. The Romania SIG covers parts of Hungary that were in Transylvania (Erdely) before World War I.

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