Geographical Areas of Interest 
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H-SIG concentrates on the area known as Pre-Trianon Hungary and covers areas that were primarily Hungarian speaking. 
  • Republic of Hungary
  • Slovak Republic
  • Subcarpathian Ruthenia (Ukraine)
    • Zakarpatskaya Oblast
    • Carpaten
  • Transylvania Region (Romania)
    • Erderly
    • Sibenbergen
  • Maramaros Megye
    • Maramures County (Romania)
  • Banat Region (Romania)
  • Burgenland (Austria)
  • Serbia
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia

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  • Census Projects
    • 1828
    • 1848
    • 1869
    • Other years by megye
  • Vital Record Projects
  • Yizkor Books
  • Holocaust Memorial Database
  • Area Research Groups
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H-SIG Leadership:

Vivian Kahn:  Coordinator
Benjamin C. Schoenbrun:  Webmaster
Alfred Klein:  Treasurer

A special thank you to Louis Schonfeld, H-SIG Founding Coordinator and Marc Polster, H-SIG Webmaster Emeritus.  Your years of generous service to Hungarian Jewish genealogy are greatly appreciated.