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Searching the Passenger Lists in One Step

We acknowledge the work of Dr. Stephen Morse in creating this search tool,
with major contributions from Dr. Yves Goulnik.

*** For more versatile searching, use the Gold One-Step Ellis Island Search Form ***

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Ethnicity (check any that might apply, or leave blank)
Abyssinian Afghan African African (black) Albanian Algerian
Alsatian American Arabian Argentinian Armenian Asian
Australian Austrian Basque Bavarian Belgian Bengalese
Bermudian Bessarabian Black Bohemian Bolivian Bosnian
Brazilian British Bulgarian Burmese Cambodian Canadian
Carinthian Caucasian Central Amer Ceylonese Chilean Chinese
Colombian Congolese Costa Rican Croatian Cuban Cypriot
Czech Dalmation Danish Dominican Dutch East Indian
Ecuadoran Egyptian El Salvadoran English Estonian European
Falklander Filipino Finnish Flemish French French-Can
Galician Georgian German Gibraltarian Goanese Greek
Guatemalan Guyanese Gypsy Haitian Hawaiian Herzegovinian
Hindu Honduran Hungarian Icelander Indian Iraqi
Irish Islam Istrian Italian Italian (no.) Italian (so.)
Jamaican Japanese Jewish Korean Kurdish Kustenlander
Latin Latin Amer Latvian Lebanese Liberian Libyan
Liechtensteiner Lithuanian Livonian Luxembourger Maceonian Malaccan
Malayan Maltese Manxman Mauritanian Mexican Monegasque
Mongolian Montenegrin Moravian Moroccan Mulatto Native Amer
Newfoundlander New Zealander Nicaraguan North Amer Norwegian Pacific Islander
Palestinian Panamanian Paraguayan Parsi Persian Peruvian
Polish Pomeranian Portuguese Prussian Puerto Rican Roumanian
Russian Ruthenian San Marinese Scandinavian Scottish Senegalese
Servian Siamese Sierra Leonean Singaporean Slav Slovak
Slovenian Somalilander South Africa South Amer Spanish Spanish Amer
Spanish-Amer Surinamese Swedish Swiss Syrian Tangerine
Tunisian Turkish Ukrainian Uruguayan Venezuelan Walloon
Welsh West Indian White Yugoslav Zoroastrian

Port (Select the one that might apply, or leave blank)
This section includes all of the 732 ports listed in the Ellis Island database.

Region      Country


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For convenience, the above buttons are repeated on this page. They are equivalent.
Stephen P. Morse, 2002