Memorial book of Tluste
(Tovste, Ukraine)

48°51' / 25°44'

Translation of
Sefer Tluste

Editor: G. Lindenberg

Published in Tel Aviv 1965

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This is a translation of: Sefer Tluste (Memorial book of Tluste),
Editor: G. Lindenberg, Association of Former Residents of Tluste and Vicinity in Israel and the USA, Published: Tel Aviv 1965 (H,Y 289 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Tluste

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Title Author Page
Introduction to the Book
Oh, Tluste, my tiny little town (a poem) S. Meltzer 7
My little town Tluste L. Ilani-Sternlieb 8
The Organization of former Tluste residents in Israel S. Fiederer 9
The “Landsmanschaft” in the United States W. Housefeld 10
Preface by the Editor G. Lindenberg 11
To you, my town Tluste (a poem) [Y] S. Meltzer 12
The town of my childhood [Y] L. Ilani-Sternlieb 13
Preface by the Editor [Y]   14
The town and its People
A picture of Jewish Tluste Dr. A. Stop 17
Old history and memories Y. Sternlieb 31
From the distant and recent past of our town S. Fiederer-Margalit 33
Home owners, Hasidim and scholars Y. H. Chodorov 35
Frank's defeat in Tluste M. Teiber 36
In the old cemetery (a poem) S. Meltzer 37
The Ba'al Shem Tov in Tluste G. Lindenberg 37
Between Tluste the town and Tluste the village (a poem) S. Meltzer 40
Hasidism in Tluste at the outset of the century M. Sternlieb 41
One winter night (a poem) S. Meltzer 42
R' Welvel Melamed Y. Schechner 43
The beginnings of the socialistic Zionist movement in our town. S. Fiederer-Margalit 44
The time of the war between Poland and Ukraine Ben-Shlomo 54
The celebration in San Remo and the Zionist activity S. Fiederer 47
The Hebrew School K. Spector 50
The Hebrew language in our town I. Segev (Teiber) 51
The “Gordonia” movement in our town M. Teiber 52
The BEITAR group in our town N. Maimon 53
Zionist activity and pioneer training A. Albin 56
The last visit in our town D. Hendel 57
The public goat in Tluste (a poem) S. Meltzer 58
The Town and its People
[Yiddish Section]
Our town Dr. A. Stop 59
A walk through the Tluste narrow streets S. Margalit 77
Rabbis, home-owners, Hasidim and scholars Y. H. Chodorov 80
Legends and occurrences S. Fiederer-Margulies 82
Tluste during the First World War S. An-ski 84
Zionism and socialism S. Fiederer-Margulies 86
The Ukraine-Poland “little” war Ben-Shelomo 88
The Bet-Ha'am [People's House] that was not built S. Fiederer 90
How we went to Tashlich [a Rosh Hashana custom] S. Trembowelski 91
Memories from my home of long ago W. Housefeld 92
The “Organization of Former Tluste Residents” in Israel S. Fiederer 94
The Landsmanschaft in America W. Housefeld 95
The Destruction of the Town
Five years of war and destruction B. Glick 99
The “Book of EichaŠ [Lamentations] of the town Tlust Y. Schaechter 121
The “Great Aktzia” and after that S. Trembowelski 131
In Tluste and in Rozhanowka L. Drohowitcher 137
How I was saved from slaughter A. Goldhaber 142
In the Kamionka Labor Camp A. Albin 147
How I was saved in the Great Aktzia Z. Koch 149
The Great Aktzia in May 1943 B. Shoham 151
What I saw and what I heard Y. Gertner 153
The testimony of a doctor Dr. M. Milch 154
Memories from the time of the Holocaust Chaia Rosenblatt 155
A night of horrors - one of many D. Pepper 156
From the days of the Holocaust L. Teiber 156
What I went through at the time of the German occupation Z. Wachstein 157
An eleven-year-old who fought for her life S. Margolies-Alterman 158
The annihilation of the Jewish community in the Tzapowitz village Y. Rosen 159
The Jews of the Hinkowtza village S. Kimmelman 160
In Lashkewitz and in Tluste Z. Kimmelman-Chanin 160
Testimonies of Survivors
The sequence of events during the War H. Koenigsberg 161
The farm in Tluste during the Holocaust M. Koenigsberg 164
In Tluste and in the Rozhanowka Camp K. Shatil 168
The story of the cave in Hinkowtza K. Spector 169
The testimony of a Butchatch resident Y. Schwartz 172
With Russian partisans S. Eisen 174
A resident of Zaltchiki and Tluste B. Doler 175
In Tluste and in Lisowtza M. Schulman 176
In Lwow and in Tluste R. Landman 177
In Tluste and in Holowtchinza M. Spiegel 178
A woman from Horodenka who was saved in Tluste R. Berman 179
The Minyan [praying group] in my town, the town Tluste (a poem) S. Meltzer 180
The Destruction of the Town
[Yiddish Section]
Five years of war and destruction B. Glick 185
The “Book of Eicha” [Lamentations] of the town Tlust Y. Schaechter 215
My road of pain and wandering R. Rubinstein-Tennenbaum 226
A night of fear D. Pepper 230
Memories and experiences S. Fiederer 231
Various memories A. Albin 235
The tragic end of the Jews in Tzopowitz Y. Rosen 236
The Jews in Hinkiewitz S. Kimmelman 237
The End of the Swidov Jews R. Rubinstein-Tennenbaum 237
Mother (a poem) Ch. Fiederer 238
Personalities and Figures
Personalities and Figures   239
Seeing Tluste from afar D. Sadan 244
The author of “The Dibbuk” under our roof Shimshon M. 248
From all my teachers… [Melamdim/] S. Meltzer 249
Michael Messing z”l   261
A story of blowing the Shofar M. Tavori (Teiber) 264
The refugees from Yaroslav in Tluste Israel-Isser Yakter 264
The hospitality of the Tluste people Dr. A. Druks 265
The blessed activity of a doctor Rachel Landman 265
Types and Figures
[Yiddish section]
Types and Figures   266
Michael Messing z”l   273
A story of blowing the Shofar M. Tavori (Teiber) 276
The devotion of a Tluste doctor R. Landman 276
The refugees from Yaroslav in Tluste I. I. Yakter 277
The dying pains of Jewish Tluste Dr. B. Milch 278
List of Martyrs from Tovste, Ukraine   279-287
List of Martyrs from Surrounding Villages   287-289

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